Banned protest


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On 1st October 2016, Calais, the city authorities prohibited migrants and their supporters from demonstrating in the city centre. Demonstrating migrants were stopped and detained inside the Jungle by the French riot police.

Banned protest

Shooting: photos and videos
Calais – France

Sous les pavés la plage
Z.I des dunes – Calais – France
October 1, 2016

Video: the demonstration, placards held high, the path, the beach.

Forbidden demonstration on the Dover Patrole
Cap Blanc-Nez – Sangatte – France
October 2, 2016

Installation: the words ‘l’humanité a calé’ (a play on ‘l’humanité à Calais’ meaning ‘humanity in Calais’ or ‘humanity has died’) were projected onto the Dover Patrol Monument.
Audio: recorded during the Banned protest

 on 1st October 2016.

Banned protest

 on a bunker
Cran d’Escalles – Mur de l’Atlantique – France
October 2, 2016

Projection: photograph of a placard reading: ‘Fuir sous les bombes, en 1940 comme aujourd’hui’ (‘Escaping the bombs, both in 1940 and today’) taken during the banned protest




Banned protest

 on a lighthouse
Calais Harbour – France
October 3, 2016

Photographs: the side of the motorway, a ferry in the port.
Installation: projection of the banned protest

 on the Calais Lighthouse.
Audio: recording of a choir during the 2016 Calais Maritime Festival.