Artwork for Climax 2018
Darwin ecosystem – Bordeaux
September 2018

4 video projectors, projection on security fences.

Gibraltar Strait: from CIMA in Tarifa (Centro Internacional de Migración de Aves) to Fnideq in Morocco, via Algesiras and the Ceuta border.

Sound recording and advice at CIMA: Philippe Macquet (Bio-Scène)

Festival Climax
Château Palmer – Cenon – France

Natural and human fences
Seseña Nuevo (Spain) and Gibraltar Strait

Gibraltar Strait
Photographic notes

Seseña Nuevo – Spain
Photographic notes

The Salmedina, Spillway
Sedentary and sick storks, open dump

CIMA (Centro Internacional de Migración de Aves), Tarifa, Spain