Arboretum Lanzarote


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An alignment of palm trees erected like hieratic sculptures makes up Olivier Crouzel’s arboretum. A small exotic botanical garden. It is in Lanzarote, on the island of a thousand palm trees in the Canary Islands, that the artist has created this verdant inventory of a piece of landscape in the spring of 2021. These nonchalant palm trees form lines of horizon, sometimes artificial, and form a collection of viewpoints. The work is a tribute to Cesar Manique (1919-1992), an artist-architect living on the island, an ardent defender of nature, who proposed that the houses on Lanzarote should not exceed the height of a palm tree.

Video installation
12 vertical videos, 30′ looped, non-synchronised
Variable dimensions

Arboretum Lanzarote, vue d’installation, Fondation François Schneider, 2022