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Video installation
Projection on 3 security barriers
3 non-synchronised videos, sound
5′ each, looped

Gibraltar is an installation on the subject of migrations and crossings, human or animal. In 2018, Olivier Crouzel met ornithologists on the new island of the Garonne, who were working on the migratory flows of birds. Nourished by this reflection, and invited by the Climax festival to develop a project, he set off towards the Strait of Gibraltar via the Pyrenees pass. There he observed birds heading for Africa, men who also try to head for new horizons and regularly come up against the Spanish Civil Guard who take them back in trucks on roads surrounded by barriers… Olivier Crouzel filmed these fragile journeys.

3 crossings of the Strait of Gibraltar: birds, a ferry, a suitcase.
Installation from barriers project

Installation view, Horizon exhibition, François Schneider Foundation, 2022

Photomontage of the installation
from screen prints
80 x 45 cm
Edition of 3 + 1 EA