Vidéo, 10 x 5.6 m, Fabrique Pola


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In a form of artistic road-trip, Olivier Crouzel embarks on board the Collectionneur, a camper van transformed into a living and exhibition space by Zebra 3, an association for the dissemination and production of contemporary art based in Bordeaux. For his project, O.Crouzel makes it a mobile residence by choosing to go down the Atlantic coast, orienting himself only on the roads or paths located on his right in order to reach the horizon.…. a path strewn with pitfalls that he inaugurates at the end of two years of pandemic, in the summer of 2021. As in many of his works, he sets up a creative protocol, triggering the camera three minutes before arriving at the seaside. He films people, views and offers our eyes an elsewhere that he went looking for with obstinacy and disobedience.

Marie Terrieux, directrice 
Fondation François Schneider

This project was produced by Zebra 3, for the Desperento exhibition, Fabrique Pola, Bordeaux, from July 3 to October 17, 2021. The Collector is a 1984 Toyota Huntsman motorhome.

Horizonto (excerpt)
Video, 41′, looped
Variable size

Exhibition view, Horizon, Fondation François Schneider

Photomontage of 144 photographs
180x 120 cm
Edition of 3 + 1EA

Selection of 6 photographs from 144
120x 80 cm each
Edition of 3 + 1EA