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Video and literary sculpture
Videos : Olivier Crouzel
Texts : Sophie Poirier
Since 2020

Maritimes – the container and its stories – is an artistic project led by Olivier Crouzel and Sophie Poirier, as part of a residency that began in Bassens in 2020, in the port area and above all in the Maison des marins, a place where sailors on port calls meet people from the port, old-timers, volunteers and professionals. There’s also a fascination with the port landscape, the river and its flows, the voyages we remember and those we dream about… Where do the sailors go, where do the boats go, where do the stories go?
The short films and stories to listen to were created for the Maritimes container, a mobile space designed to show video and literary installations. Inside, the projection surface hugs the bottom of the container. Two portholes offer a curious view during the day, when the doors are closed. When activated at dusk, the container becomes a projection surface.

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