Same roads, same Men


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Summer 2016, Greek islands.

Same sea, same men
Folegandros – Greece
July 2016

Projection onto the sea: A rubber dinghy that inflates and deflates.

“Europa is sinking, Africa is Drowning”
Aliko – Naxos – Greece

On the plane between Instanbul and Athens, reading a Time magazine article with the headline: ‘The fall of Europe’.

Exploring an abandoned hotel on the island of Naxos: discovering paintings on the walls (by an unknown author, possibly WD aka Wild Drawing, a Balinese street artist).
Video: making a paper boat out of the cover of Time magazine. The boat drifts away and disintegrates.

Let it be
Mytilene Ferry > Piraeus – Greece
July 2016

Conversation with a musician on a street in Athens: – What do you want me to play? – Play me a song of peace and love.
Soundtrack: Let it be by the street singer.


Same road, same men
August 2016

Projection onto a life jacket (found on a beach on Lesbos): video of tourists taking photos of octopuses, Skala Sikaminas port on the Greek island of Lesbos. Skala Sikaminas is one of the main ports of arrival for migrants, thanks to its proximity to Turkey.
Here tourists, migrants and Greeks live together, sometimes unaware of each other’s existence.